Spotify, a well known Swedish music streaming service with more than 18 Million monthly active end users, has started getting in Asian countries. The corporation is looking to get a Sales Director and Key Account Manager in Singapore along with a Commercial Lawyer in Hong Kong.


The career opportunities follow Spotify’s statement in the year 2011 which it would be developing to Asia, although there is been little news since. As written on TechCrunch, Spotify has hired ex Google to executive, Dan Brody, becomes General Manager Asia-Pacific. He will  lead the expansion to Asia. 

There is also not sure on when the music service will be offered to Asian users, in spite of already serving users in twenty nations, such as New Zealand and Australia. That it was the same issue with iTunes, although that changed recently.

Definitely, there are lots of concerns show up. Besides there is no clear plan in Asia yet, we still have no idea whether the service is going to be available in other Asian  countries or not. Furthermore, the issue of internet connection speed and subscribing culture is definitely the significant issue that needs to be solve by Spotify.

Spotify makes critical chunks of money from advertisements. It is run on a freemium model, supporting its free service by using banner ads. Users can select an AD free experience plus more features by paying either $4.99USD or $9.99USD per month.